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Healthcare near you

our company

Medical Service


Specialized in urgent care treatments for foreign patients, expatriates and all those patients who require urgent private medical care in the city.

English-speaking doctors near you, in hospital emergency rooms, medical centers, dental clinics or home visits, will make you have a good experience.

24 Hours Medical Service

At any time you can book your appointment with the doctor. Don’t wait, do it !

Travel insurance accepted

The patient can pay for their visit or use their travel insurance.

English speaking doctor near you

Wide network of medical centers and clinics that will allow you to find the doctor closest to you.

" Leader in Spain in medical care for Tourists and Foreign Expatriates "

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Remember the past

Since 2001

Leading healthcare company in Spain specialized in the urgent care of tourists and expatriate foreigners, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

From its beginnings more than 20 years ago with the management of a medical center in Mallorca to the administration of this medical platform, the dedication and professionalism of our team has focused on helping thousands of patients each year.

We currently have more than 2,150 medical service providers and we continue to grow year after year.

communication is the key

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Extensive experience in providing medical assistance to travel insurance and assistance companies around the world, who require doctors or clinics for their insured.

The DrNear.me platform allows the direct connection of the patient with the english speaking and foreign languages doctors of a wide network of medical providers throughout Spain.

We provide direct access for patients and travel insurance companies to the nearest doctor or clinic.The doctor at your fingertips at all times.

Visiting or new to town ?
Find your Nearest doctor with a single click

Volume Of Patient Treated

Every day an increasing volume of patients are treated in clinics, home visits or by telehealth.

Wide Network of Doctors & Clinics

English speaking doctor with experience, verified and controlled by Doctor near me.

Patients Satisfaction 92.5%
Doctors & Clinics Satisfaction 95%

We will help you every step of the way

Important Things You Should Know

Questions And Answers

It is a private healthcare platform. Provides urgent care treatments to foreign tourists and expatriates with a wide network of doctors and clinics. English speaking  doctors with experience in these types of patients.

In the search engine you will be able to select the medical service you require, the city and you will obtain a list of doctors and clinics near you. Choose a doctor by proximity, price, time, day and availability. Then you can choose whether to use your travel insurance or pay for the medical visit.

Once you arrive at the hospital, go to the emergency room. The staff is already notified of your appointment with the doctor in the emergency room. If you have any questions, please contact our team immediately. Hospitals accept most travel insurance.

Telephone: +34 971  919 244 or by chat

The DrNear.me team will be happy to help you.

Tel: +34 971 919 244

But we can also assist you by chat, email or through the contact forms.

You can change or cancel your appointment sending an email to patient@drnear.me request it, but it must be 4 hours in advance. Read terms and conditions of use.

For the vast majority of the services offered on the platform, your travel insurance can help you. You must fill in the fields related to your insurance and our team will analyze it and confirm the medical appointment. In the event that your insurance does not provide coverage or you have an excess that you must pay, our team will notify you.

Keep in mind that DrNear.me is a platform that offers urgent care treatments to travelers, expats and anyone who requires fast and accurate attention to their health problem. In clinics and hospitals you can directly manage other services they offer

We accepted travel insurance. Please note that the doctors and clinics found on DrNear.me are private. There is a wide network of doctors who speak the language you require, who will give you an appointment quickly and easily, without long waits. EHIC is accepted in public hospitals.

Drnear.me provides a private medical service of online medical consultation, telephone and video consultations.

You can make your reservation 24 hours a day, just 3 hours in advance, from 09:00 - 19:00, Monday to Sunday. Just choose the day, time and the doctor will be with you.

Keep in mind that it is not an emergency medical service, in the event of a serious health problem or that endangers the life of the patient, contact emergencies by calling 112. 

Electronic medical prescriptions are issued by doctors, if you require it, which have all the guarantees to buy the medication in Spain, as they are serial prescriptions by the medical association and have the required data such as the doctor's collegiate number, among other data.The prescription and medical report will be sent to your email.

We have a wide network of medical providers, each doctor, clinic and hospital have been verified and controlled, they have their medical licenses. They will be responsible for the quality of the medical service offered to their patients. It is important that you make your assessment of the service received.

Telephone: +34 971  919 244 or by chat

The price of the medical visit includes the diagnosis, treatment and prescription of medications in the vast majority of patients. Except in some cases in which more research, tests, treatments as well as transfers to hospitals due to clinical requirements were necessary.

In the event that further tests and treatments are required, the patient will be notified to accept coverage of healthcare expenses either by the patient himself or by his travel insurance.

Don't worry, the reservation process is very simple and you will be guided step by step until the reservation is complete. Anyway, you will receive an email  confirming and giving you all the details of the medical appointment.

No, medical consultations by phone or video consultations are private, without the ties of health insurance. You will pay for the service at the moment and you will get a medical consultation with an online doctor, with all the freedom you can choose the doctor, time and the day. Likewise, you can become a close and exclusive patient.

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