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5 Reasons To Choose Canary Islands For Christmas Holidays

Let's enjoy your winter holidays surrounded by sun and beach. Find out here why to choose Canary Islands for these Christmas holidays.
Christmas in canarias

If when thinking about Christmas holidays you only see reindeers, snow and cold, that’s because you don’t know the Canary Islands in winter time. Here summer never ends. You can enjoy your dream holidays even in the winter season. In other words, holidays in paradise, with sun and beach all year round.

Family Christmas dinners are ok, but don’t you fancy doing something different this year? The last month of the year deserves to be experienced in the best possible way. Let’s go all out! (Although not so much, because it is a nearby and very affordable destination).

Why To Choose The Islands For Enjoying These Christmas Holidays?

1 ● Good weather. Believe it or not, you can start the New Year on a high note by kicking off 2023 with a dip in the sea. Weatherapy for your bones even at Christmas holidays, as the Canary Islands’ climate is widely recognised worldwide for its health benefits. And you can always replace the snowballs and snowmen with sandballs and sandmen.

2 ●Did you run out of time in summer to try all the water sports? Don’t worry, because you can take advantage of it to continue practising during the winter. And remember that you can always count on a medical team to look after you 24/7 wherever you go!

3 ●Take a camel ride, just to feel like one of the real Three Wise Men. Amazing!

4 ●Whale in sight! December marks the beginning of the migratory route of cetaceans. It pass along the coasts of Tenerife on their way to South Africa and Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to whale watching and enjoy this wild experience.

5 ●Observe the Star of Bethlehem from some of the highest mountains in Spain. In mid-December, the Canary Islands are one of the best places to enjoy the Geminids, one of the brightest meteor showers of the year. You don’t need a telescope to see them – you can see them at first sight. And if you can do so from one of the three Starlight reserves protected from light pollution, La Palma, Fuerteventura or the summit of Tenerife, much better.

If you want to enjoy an even more magical Christmas holiday, let’s escape the ordinary and fly to the Canary Islands this wintertime.


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