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Dengue in Spain

Dengue Fever In Spain: The Latest Outbreaks

The Balearic Island experienced several dengue outbreaks between May and November 2022. Now, the focus is on Ibiza, with up to 6 cases known.

Germany has reported 2 outbreaks of dengue originating in Ibiza between September and October 2022. These outbreaks have affected up to 6 German nationals. All of them were on holiday in the same place.

Germany has just reported the cases to the Spanish authorities this February. They have only confirmed one of the above cases. They identified another one as ‘probable’ and the other four as ‘compatible with the disease’.

The Spanish government believes that a tourist from Mexico could have been the source of these outbreaks, as he only developed symptoms on arrival.

The Balearic Islands authorities have planned public information and communication campaigns before and during the vector activity season. In addition, they will also carry out actions such as pertinent surveillance and vector control.

What To Know About Dengue

Dengue is an infectious disease caused by a virus endemic to tropical countries. Nevertheless, travellers from these areas have recently imported the disease into Europe, causing new outbreaks. In most cases, the route of transmission of the virus is the bite of the tiger mosquito. This species originates from Asia, but it has been established in large parts of southern Europe for the last two decades.

To infect a person, the mosquito must have bitten another one carrying the pathogen a few days earlier. Moreover, the person has to be in the viraemic phase (when the pathogen is present in the blood).

Symptoms: How To Identify The Disease?

Up to 80% of those affected have a very mild or asymptomatic infection. In other words, this makes it difficult to detect outbreaks. The most common symptoms caused by the infection are high fever, aches, pains, malaise and skin rash. Some patients (less than 5%) develop more severe cases, such as dengue haemorrhagic fever, which can be fatal.

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Above all else, if you are in any area where tiger mosquitoes may be present, do not hesitate to contact a doctor. Especially if you feel that you have symptoms consistent with the dengue virus or if you are concerned about your health condition.

Now, the risk of new infections is low. Nevertheless, experts estimate it will increase to ‘moderate’ between May and October in all areas where tiger mosquitoes are present.


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